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CapliftTM is proud to offer quality lifts for your vehicle accessories. Our durable lifts are made in the USA to deliver years of dependable service.  All carry a two year warranty and are upgradeable for the day you purchase a new vehicle.  Now you can remove, store and reinstall your vehicle's cap or canoe without assistance. The Caplift SystemTM safely removes and stores them without the damage that can occur with other accessory storage techniques. Exclusive pivot system offers unmatched flexibility.  You may need to rotate your stored accessory 90°. 


Our lifts are designed and tested to deliver safe dependable solo operation. Caplift™ cradles your Cap so it cannot release. It will it withstand a 30° upset of one end and not release your accessory.   We use only top shelf components; our pulleys are rated at 420 lbs working load delivering a safety factor of more than two and our lift channels distribute the weight of your cap over 8 feet of 12 gauge galvanized steel.  Caplift SystemsTM come with a 30:1 worm gear winch to lift and store your vehicle accessory safely and securely without additional rigging.  Other systems use stamped clips and imported hardware...

For questions you may have or a brochure contact us at 262 894-3686 or .  We'll be happy to help you with application, installation information or take your order. We accept Visa, Master Card and Bank Checks.  Satisfaction guaranteed. 
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